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Southern Tactical and Outdoors offers Street Survival Level I and Street Survival Level II. Each class can be taught in your home or office. The Street Survival program is a great avenue to help your family, friends, and neighbors prepare.

Street Survival Level I ~ In this course students will develop a strategy and learn how to elevate their level of awareness. You will discover how to use simple inconspicuous items as a force multiplier for personal protection. You will learn how to use light to gain a superior tactical advantage against an assailant. We will review current crime trends and levels of force.

Street Survival Level II ~ In this course students will learn how subjects are taken to the ground and why. Students will learn to apply force in a way that is very difficult for a subject to resist. This course covers highly effective applications that work regardless of strength, size, and gender.

These classes are fun and engaging for you, your spouse, and we encourage you to include your teenagers. The time to prepare is now.

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